A Warning is Given

Dear friends, this world we live in is now experiencing the worst evils since time existed. We are now fully in Satan’s grasp. Slowly, imperceptibly, he has brought deadly evils upon us. No longer can we stand and dispute our rights, the law of the land (Satan’s law) is against us. We cannot express our beliefs freely, for example, if we choose not to marry certain ‘couples’ we can find ourselves in prison. Satan has so orchestrated our laws and government that no longer can we teach our children what is right by God’s book and God’s book only, but now we ‘have’ to teach them good and bad and let them sort it out.

Schools press the evil home and precious little space, if any, is left for the truth. Our children have little hope, our children’s children have no hope. They will no longer be able to discern between good and evil, right and wrong, and even if they do they will have no chance, the world is against them.

The generations must stop here. God is a God of love and He will leave no child behind. He cannot and will not allow time to continue when He knows our future generations will have no chance.

Friends, this warning is for you. Gather your family into Jesus’ fold and stand ready.

Jesus is now sending out warnings, calling us out of our lethargy, warning us.

Jesus is coming now.