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Letters From God

Dear friends,

Letters from God has been a passion of mine for quite a few years now. As I wrote letter after letter my love and devotion of God has grown. His sacrifice, His unfathomable love and devotion, His comfort and protection, His strength, and above all else His tender care for the children of His flock. He loves us with a unfathomable love, He died for us and has promised us a home in heaven. Friends, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to lay claim to His promise and work towards a peaceful, heavenly home. I have written these letters explaining about the love and tender care of our Saviour, even if you aren’t a believer a heavenly home is still promised and I pray you find our blessed Redeemer within these letters.

I do have a few ‘requests’ however, while everyone is at liberty to download, print and pass on any of these letters I do ask “please do not alter, change or amend any words or meanings within these letters”.

I pray you get a blessing from within these letters, I also pray, if you haven’t done so already, for you to give your heart to Jesus.


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Preferred Bible Reference

Use of the King James Version of the Bible as a reliable translation

Throughout these documents I have used the King James Version translation of the Bible as the preferred translation. All of my Bible references have come from this version of the Bible. My father before me has done intensive study on the different versions of the Bible and his conclusion is that the King James Version is the most reliable and accurate today. I do believe it is important which version we study from as some versions (in translation) have totally manipulated the Bible so the original meaning has been lost. Therefore I am following in my father’s footsteps and basing all my studies on the King James Version of the Bible.

My father has based his decision on extensive study. He was a lay preacher and spent a lot of time writing, preaching and studying the Bible. He also had a Trustee Law Degree and whilst in college he studied Greek. After losing his fight with cancer, and passing away we placed his writings and study on the internet. The information is readily available to all who wish to read it. The internet address is thejusticeofgod.com

I pray you get insight and a blessing from the studies I have placed on the internet. If you are already a child of God I pray you awake and stand strong, facing forward ready for the final onslaught and if you are not I pray you may find our beautiful Saviour within these documents and give your heart to Jesus.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you traverse this rocky pathway, and remember please put your hand in the hand of our beautiful Saviour. Together we will make it home to heaven. Amen

Permission To Cite

Quoting Mrs Ellen G. White

Within the circles of the Seventh Day Adventist church the name Ellen White is widely known. She is acknowledged to be a prophet of God and a founding member of the Seventh Day Adventist church. But there are many people out there who won’t be familiar with this name. There is on the internet (her estate web address is listed below) ample information about her, her work and her writings and I believe with careful study the unbelieving reader can come to the same conclusion as myself. Ellen White was inspired of God. I do encourage you to look up her site and become familiar with her works, hopefully you too will be able to find the same peace that I have.

There are several quotations throughout these articles taken from the writings of Mrs Ellen G White. I believe Mrs White was inspired of God and I have full confidence in using her works as a reliable source of information. Throughout the documents you will see that I have quoted the article or book together with the relevant page number in full at the end of each quote.

I have contacted the Ellen White Estate and spoken to the Support Specialist, who has given us verbal permission to quote from their website. They have requested that we add a ‘disclaimer’, so it is written in full on the bottom of this letter along with their internet address. I would like to thank the Ellen White Estate for their cooperation and allowing us to quote their website.

“The author assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and interpretation of the Ellen White quotations cited (or ‘included’, etc.) in these documents.”

The website for Ellen White is:- egwwritings.org