A Picture of God

Have we ever stopped in our busy schedules to take time out and get a picture of the God we serve? Sometimes, (and I know it’s very easy to do so) to take Him for granted. Often we only turn to Him when we are in need. But Jesus loves us to ask things from Him, He loves to grant us blessings but I would like to point out that while God is always there when we need Him, He is always there, whether we ‘need’ Him or not.

I’d like to paint a portrait of Jesus. In the beginning, before our world was made, before the angels were created, God the Father and His Son sat down and created a document, a ledger, a covenant. They defined their kingdom, established the foundation and everything their kingdom stood for. They agreed the one main principle their kingdom was to be ruled by was the law of love.

God the Father and His Son are very compassionate. In their covenant of law there is a clause for every possible situation, so we all have a chance of forgiveness, and no-one is shut out of heaven because of ‘the law’. Everyone is judged by the law, but covered by the clause, and we are all forgiven by the blood.

Even when Jesus was on earth His compassion and tenderness shone through. Even while enduring the tortures of the cross Jesus remembered His mother and left her to the care of John. Nothing is missed by His watchful caring.  

My friend He is watching you. Please leave your burdens at the cross and come unto Jesus today.