Come Back to God

Revelation 18:4 “Come out of her My people that ye be not partakers of her sins…”
is a very relevant message for us today.

Babylon’s sins, friends, have reached to heaven and heaven is saying “no more”. Time is up, friend. No longer will heaven bear with the impenitent, no longer will Jesus sit on the throne judging, time is up. From the iniquitous state the world is now in there can be no return. No religious revival will turn the wheels of this buggy, speeding to damnation. The world doesn’t want change, they are happy in their sins. But what about you friend, are you enjoying the pleasures of the moment, or are you tired? Weary of unmeaningful days filled with senseless pleasures. Pleasures that only last for a moment, then you are plunged back into reality. This life may not hold a lot of joy for you my friend. Yes there are bills to pay, food to buy, mouths to feed, the ‘needs’ just keep piling up.

The scales are never in balance, the weight of ‘needs’ always outweigh the weight of ‘want’, often with the ‘funds’ being depleted before the weight of ‘needs’ is clear, the weight scale of ‘needs’ keeps piling up till despair of hope becomes overwhelming.

Too often the allure of strong drink or drugs calls us away, away from the knowledge of our debts, of our pain. But guess what, friend, it doesn’t take our problems away. When knowledge returns our problems are still there, they haven’t gone anywhere, the scales are still weighed down in favour of debt. Knocking yourself out again with your chosen poison, my friend, isn’t the answer. You will only cripple your mind and body.  The trials of this world are fierce, and governments press us more and more into the dust, our fighting ability becomes weak, our resolve is dampened. It’s a pretty grisly picture out there friend, death and destruction, violence and lawlessness every way we turn. But friend, I have found a path of peace and I invite you to join me. 

I have the faith that Jesus is coming to take us home. I believe that time is at hand. Friends, I am a child of the King and while we may be living in Satan’s playground, my King, Jesus still reigns supreme and He has given me peace. He guides my life, strengthens me, and comforts me. I have learnt to put my complete trust in Him and I love Him dearly. I have had visible evidences of His love and watchcare. There was a time whilst driving a accident situation suddenly became unavoidable. Well, it was unavoidable to me, but not to God. I felt the steering wheel jerked out of my control, the car veered sharply and I was guided around the obstacle, with control returned to me just past the ‘unavoidable’ situation and I was left with a sprained shoulder to remind me of my experience. The experience gave me courage and hope ‘yes you can let go of the steering wheel and just let Jesus drive’. I now sit in the passenger seat and let Jesus drive. I know He will get me safely from A to B. 

Friends, you too can take this ride. Too many times we jump headlong into the traffic deeming where we must go and why, never paying heed that Jesus is trying to steer us the other way. He is tenderly saying “child, please give Me the wheel, it is easier this way”.  How often do we ignore His offers of help.

Friend, Jesus has a vast perspective and while we can only see across the road, He can see around the block. Friend, I’m calling you today to come back to Jesus. Jesus ever holds His arms open wide beckoning you in, and once enveloped in His arms He will never let you go. Inside of Jesus’ welcoming embrace you will find love, encouragement, comfort, peace and support. Jesus will supply all your needs, you only have to trust Him.

Friends, come unto Jesus today, lay your cares at the cross and join me in Jesus’ warm embrace.

Friends, don’t be afraid to sit in the passenger seat, trust me, Jesus does know how to drive. Trust Him friends, and let Him drive for you.