From The Pit of Despair

Dear reader,

I would like to share with you my experience ‘from the pit of despair’. Hopefully by sharing my experience I can establish a pathway from the bottom of the pit up, out and over the edge, and out.

Dear friend, first and foremost I believe we need to take a trip back in time to where it all began. Early on in this world’s history Satan implemented one of his most devastating traits into the hearts and minds of the human race. It has been one of the most successful and destructive of all of Satan’s plans against humanity, the need for self gratification. Very early in this world’s history Satan started urging upon us the need to gratify our ‘senses’, the need for justification, the need for pleasure, good and bad. The need to feel ‘above’ our neighbour, to be ‘better/higher’, the need to ‘satisfy’ our base ‘pleasures’. All of these ‘desires’ and many more were introduced by Satan, by his government and all are destructive and deadly. Oh Satan was clever, he didn’t just outright say “go and murder or rape someone for pleasure”, he started subtly. Quietly, almost unnoticed he introduced his destructive plan. As generation after generation followed in ‘their parents sins’ the particular ‘disorder’ became a habit and down through the ages it has become hereditary. It has been a long time, many, many generations since Satan first introduced his horrific plan and it has had plenty of time to develop. Where we stand today it has spread its evil traits into almost every household in some form. Not all of the traits appear to be overly evil and most people can resist them. The generations that fight their particular ‘disorder’ can wipe it from their following seed, but this is rare as all in the generation need to fight. These various disorders that Satan has introduced all stemmed from ‘self gratification’ and down through the ages different generations have inherited the ‘trait’ of their fathers. These ‘disorders’ range from daydreaming, lying, stealing, to murder. People have a compulsion to steal, pedophiles, pornography, rape, reoffend over and over again, like they cannot ‘help’ themselves, and in all honesty, they can’t. They have never exercised the discipline to fight against their ‘bad’ desires and now Satan has control and his implemented plan from early ages has destroyed a generation. These traits of character are in most cases deeply ingrained into people’s minds, being inherited they become part of everyday life, but the fact these traits are inherited doesn’t make it right. The word inherited is no excuse. The people who don’t fight, well just look around us, I don’t think we need to discuss the obvious.

Most people recognise early on and fight the unwanted trait, these generations go on living normal lives and no one knows the difference, but what of their personal pain, their personal struggle, they know their secret desire is shameful and make superhuman efforts to fight it and to their credit win. But winning isn’t something anyone can readily do, thanks to the devil in the detail. Satan is always at hand to tempt any person whether they are on God’s side or not. But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt without God on your side, you have ‘buckleys to none’ fighting the devil. Satan isn’t going to give up his plan without a fight, he knows everybody’s weakness and he uses them to push us into ‘the pit of despair’. I’ve been there friend and I know how you feel and believe me without Christ by our side our fight will be in vain. Satan pushes you under, he tells you it’s impossible, give up, give in, it’s only trivial, it’s inherited you can’t help it, but friend as I have said in other documents Satan never tells the whole truth. Yes it’s inherited, but it is far from hopeless, with Jesus by our side we can win the battle hands down. 

The first thing I think we need to realise in this battle is what we are facing. Firstly we are fighting the devil and secondly we are, believe it or not, fighting ourselves. As we have inherited this trait from our ancestors (no excuses please) it has become deeply ingrained in our minds. So as we go about our daily duties the ingrained part of us tells us it is normal, but we know it’s not, and this is where the war begins. 

Friends, first and foremost I want to remind you we have a loving heavenly Father. Jesus has pulled out all the stops in His effort to save the human race and believe me no man, woman or child is going to be left behind. None of Satan’s efforts to destroy us will succeed with Jesus on our side, but I know friend the battle is fierce and we are not only fighting ourself we are also fighting the devil. Jesus is always by our side friend, to comfort and encourage. 

So what happens friend, when we do fall into this ‘pit of despair’? I believe we have all been there at one time or the other. Sometimes the fight becomes too much and like a tsunami the wave overwhelms us and before we know it we are in the bottom of the pit, discouragement and despair overwhelm us, pain and unhappiness press hard upon the soul. The devil rejoices when he sees we have fallen and he races to our side to press harder upon us his interpretation of our situation. We can hear him pressing upon us the ‘hopelessness’ of our plight. But cheer up friends Jesus is in the pit also, Jesus is there with his warrior angels fighting back the devil for us. Jesus is always ready to go into bat for us and we just need to open our eyes and we can see the situation for what it really is. If you reach out to Jesus dear friend, believe me He will come racing to your rescue. The way out of the pit is easy my friend, just look to Jesus, angels will lower a rope into the darkness of the pit, fly down and holding the rope carry you out. Dear friend, it’s important to remember we are never alone in our struggles, even in our day to day happenings Jesus is with us. Take your problems to Jesus dear friends, I promise you, He will help in our battles and He will fight in our behalf. We still have to fight friend, after all we are living in Satan’s playground and until we get to heaven the fight goes on. But it’s of uttermost importance to remember friend we never fight alone. Jesus loves us, put your trust in Him and carry on, the end is near, soon we will be going home. Soon and very soon we shall see the King and live in peace and happiness forever more. Amen