Without hope life itself would not be worth living. Everybody has to have hope. Hope for tomorrow, and hope for today. How many times in our lives do we hear “I hope”? Friends, we have a blessed hope, the hope of our Saviour’s imminent return.

We are living in the last days and friends this world has never been more wicked. Everywhere we turn, every road we go down there are evidences of the wrack and ruin Satan and his government has caused. There is pain and anguish, suffering and death, even the animals God created are being drawn into this. Satan is using all of God’s creation, human and animals for his demonic purpose.

Satan loves destruction, suffering and pain and he laughs hideously when any life is maimed or destroyed, he doesn’t even pity his own angels. He kept them out of heaven, he deceived them. Yes, they chose Satan as their leader but now on his side no mercy is shown them. Even in the event at the country of the Gergesenes (Matthew 8:28-34) when Jesus cast the demons out of the maniacs they begged to ‘go somewhere’ and chose the pigs. Satan is no compassionate leader, demons and humans all are expected to do his bidding at any cost to themselves.

But we have this hope, hope of Jesus’ imminent return. He will purge this world and create a new world. A world where peace, love and happiness is paramount. Jesus loves us and we have chosen Him as our ruler. “In just a little while then He that shall come will come.” Very soon friends we will be delivered from Satan’s rule. Jesus will retake His rightful position as King of this world. Friends, He has prepared a beautiful home for us, each and every one of us has a mansion of gold, a beautiful home, friends and family (yes friend, even that child, friend, parent or partner) to enjoy for eternity. What a blessed hope.

Come, friends, join with me, our hope is real, it will happen. Jesus will fulfil His promise, our hope, and He will soon return to take us home. We do have a rocky path ahead of us as we traverse the time of trouble – so – hold onto your hats friends, it’s going to be a bumpy ride – but watch the horizon, keep your eyes on the prize. Our hope is about to materialize.