In A Corner?

Dear friends, today we would like to talk about being ‘In A Corner’. Everyone has been in a corner at some stage and believe me they can be very distressing. These ‘corners’ as we will be discussing are very dangerous and they have been know to ‘claim people’s lives’. Many a person, feeling they cannot get out have taken their own lives. Well friends, today I would like to point out that there is hope and the situation that you see yourself in can be changed, it just depends on your perspective. Once in these corners it doesn’t matter what way you turn you are always facing a wall.

Firstly, let’s look at the situation. What exactly is this corner? The corner we are referring to here is ‘a corner of circumstance’, it doesn’t matter which way you turn you cannot move, you are facing a wall in whatever direction you attempt to move and you are bound by the existing conditions around you. Every attempt, every move you make, only puts your face closer into that corner, so what got you here and how do you get out?

Let’s look at the broader picture, let’s ‘define’ the circumstance, what is keeping you in this corner? The ‘corner’ each and every individual is kept in is the ‘position’ of circumstances that surround them. Each person is different, very few, if ever, are bound by the same situation. So let’s look at this ‘corner’ and see what has your ‘back to the wall’ and ‘your nose in a corner’.

Let’s look at a example. Say for instance (you can swap out these examples for some of your own to help the picture appear more real) your health isn’t good at the moment, your ‘support’ isn’t able to help at the moment and we mustn’t forget survival, you have to be able to do certain things in order to survive. All of these factors and more are weighing you down, they are the circumstances keeping you in your corner. Let’s explain this process.

So for this example this is your corner, so you know you are in a bad situation and you look about to ‘find’ a way to survive and a way out. Firstly survival, you have to weigh up your options, your health is bad but in order to ‘keep living’ you have to work, so work becomes top of the list of things you have to do. In order to keep working you have to rest and regain some strength, so rest becomes second on the list. Oopsy, we have missed something, food, you need to refuel the tank, therefore shopping and cooking come at the top of your ‘must do’ list also, but we already have work and rest at the top of this list, now we need to add shopping and cooking. Then come the one hundred and one things we ‘must’ do then the rest of the things we would ‘like’ to do. Well, as you can see this ‘list’ is too long, there are too many ‘must do’s’ at the top of the list, you turn one way to work only to find the wall of pain stopping you, you turn the other way to get food and resources into the house only to find ‘work or lack of it’ stopping you, you turn again and this list of things ‘to do’, things that are vital for survival, overwhelms you.

Friends this is the ‘corner’ I am talking about, these circumstances binding you may not be yours but I’m sure you can easily fill the gaps and ‘see’ what your particular circumstances are, what’s keeping you in your corner? and what makes it so much harder are the things you do for pleasure are nowhere in sight. You cannot even imagine being able to enjoy a moment of ‘down time’ whatever you do to unwind and relax. So you have corner walls reaching high into the sky, work and living demands taking whatever precious energy or strength you have with no ‘pleasures’ or ‘relaxation’. You are facing this corner, you know you are in it and you are fighting just to survive. The human body can only take so much, you have to find a way out of this corner, but how? circumstance has you bound.

So we have laid out the ‘reasons’ holding you, your ‘circumstances’, now what do we do about it. There is help friends, there is help, you just need to ‘reach out’, but that in its own right can be difficult. Friends, as you know by now I am a dedicated christian so Jesus and His love is going to come into this letter, but say for instance you are not a believer, well friends there is help for you too. Let’s talk about this scenario first, to the non-believer I encourage you to give your heart to Jesus, He will help you through. There are also places you can go to get help and friends I strongly suggest you to take up one of those paths, don’t be ashamed to ‘reach out’ friends, these people are prepared to help so please take them up on their offers of help, even if they get one wall, one corner down it will help you escape.

So, going back to the letter at hand, you are in a corner, the devil has you trapped, where is Jesus in all of this? What do you do? There is a way out friends and that is via the intercession of heaven and via the hand of Jesus Christ. Heaven knows this path is hard friends, and they know our  pain is great, they are constantly fighting for us, you know, and Jesus is always by our side.

See, this ‘path’ we are taking wasn’t meant to be this hard. The devil has ramped up his war on the human race and he delights when he ‘traps’ us in these ‘corners’ but friends just as fast as the devil traps us Jesus is on hand to release us. Jesus is beside us friends, He will never leave us, His angels are ever on hand to guide us. See Jesus knows what we need and He will send help our way, someone will hear a voice in their ear prompting them that someone needs help and to pass by their way. Jesus is also on hand to comfort us, please friends the path we walk in this day and age is leading up to the end of time (If you are not a believer, I encourage you to open scripture and read the treasures within). Satan is holding nothing back in his attempts to destroy everyone and friend he is targeting you. Please put on the armour of God and face the devil’s attacks head on. But back to your corner.

Friends, once help comes a ‘wall’ of your ‘corner’ will come tumbling down and you will be able to escape, Jesus is the means of ‘coping’ whilst in the corner friends and Jesus will help you out. Please put your hand in the hand of Jesus and let Him guide, our situation may not be pleasant at the moment but trust me friends, Jesus will help us through.

Let’s go to a allegory, sometimes painting a picture does help us to understand better.

“Sally was a executive and living a rather luxurious life, but this was about to change for Sally. The night of the ‘office party’ went off a bit too well for Sally and to her dismay a few weeks later she discovered she was pregnant. The ‘father’ didn’t want anything to do with it and urged Sally to abort. But somewhere in the back of Sally’s mind she heard her mother (who had by now passed on) reminding her of her ‘Christian principles’, Sally also deep down really did want to keep the child. So, fronting up to her boss she told him she was pregnant, was going to keep the baby and put in for maternity leave. What she didn’t realise was that the ‘father’ was the boss’s son and neither were willing to take any responsibility. 

The first few months were wonderful for Sally, she really enjoyed her role as a parent, then realising that ‘funds’ weren’t going to hold out forever Sally made plans to go back to work, but to her surprise her job no longer existed. Sally was in despair, and the ‘corners’ started enclosing her. Starting with a lack of funds, a baby to care for, still not at full health (the birth was quite difficult and Sally was taking a while to recover), bit by bit Sally started to slide downhill and suddenly she found herself ‘in a corner’, whichever way she looked a wall of circumstance loomed up in front of her.

Sally was a Christian and turned to Jesus, bit by bit help came through. Firstly her aunt rang out of the blue saying she was in town, after hearing Sally’s story she moved in for a while which gave Sally a much needed break. Soon other help started coming Sally’s way and the walls confining Sally came tumbling down. Sally looked back over the past few events, her aunt for instance just happening to come at that exact moment, a coincidence? I think not, Sally knew Jesus had timed it, the new job, a coincidence? once again, Sally knew it wasn’t. Looking back over the path she had just come Sally could ‘see’ every step of the way where Jesus had sent help just in the nick of time. The experience had been rough indeed and Sally had spent many a night in tears, fearful for the future. Everything was on track again, but Sally was changed, she now knew for a fact, by sight and not by faith, that no matter what happened in life Jesus was more than capable of bringing her through. Sally felt closer than ever before to her Saviour, Jesus had carried her through, bowing her head Sally thanked her Saviour for carrying her through and then thanked Jesus for the experience, she then went forward to seek out others ‘in a corner’ so she could pass on what she had learned and so she could help them and bring them to Jesus.”