The Law of Moses

Now we have established the Law of God, let’s move on to the moral laws of judgment and justice. (Documents The law of God & the law of Moses and To defend the law)

Moses left Egypt leading approximately six hundred thousand Israelite men beside children. (Exodus 12:37) Prior to their journey through the wilderness the Israelites were ruled by the laws of Egypt, an idolatrous nation without any respect for a God of love. They worshiped stone statues and their rule was cruel and exacting.

One of the first principles Moses had to implement was the Law of God. Israel had to be brought back to a God of love. They had to be re-taught the principles of heaven and learn the statutes and laws of God. God gave these laws and judgements to Moses and through Moses to the people. The means of implementing these laws and judging the people was too large for Moses alone and under the guidance of Jethro, Moses ordained others to help with the cause.

Let’s go back to those days in the wilderness and take a privy into these conversations. Let’s go back to the original law (without any human interference) as God first gave it to Moses. This law isn’t ‘original’ to heaven, its laws and statutes govern other worlds in our universe but it was ‘original’ to Moses and the Israelites as this was their first real knowledge of God and His statutes. Israel had been in Egypt too long and they were largely influenced and corrupted by Egypt’s customs and beliefs.

The first thing Moses had to do was to discredit the Egyptian’s superstitious beliefs. Ample proof was given from the beginning that God was with Israel. This was shown at the very start with the miraculous escape from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea. Jesus showed Israel He would personally lead and show the way so long as Israel remained loyal to Him. This same principle Jesus has promised His followers all throughout history.

Moses wasn’t without criticism, others in the group ‘thought’ they could lead better and there were always the grumblers. No matter where we are in history people will always try to discredit God’s chosen people. ‘Do gooders’ trying to manipulate God’s agents and His work into their small minded ideals. These people are a massive trial to God, His agents and His work. As with all who work against God, they will see the results of their unholy labour and reap the fruits of their efforts in the fires of punishment.

The Law of Moses revolves around the Law of God. The judgements implemented on unrighteousness within the Israelite camp were direct from God (The bronze serpent, Numbers 21:4-9. Earth swallowed Korah, Numbers 16:32. Fire consumed 250 men, Numbers 16:35 etc).

The statutes Moses and his helpers judged the Israelites with still stand for us today. Jesus has left clear, precise instructions on His law of judgements. Moses has recorded everything down to the last iota. It is all available for us to read and study in the books of Moses. There has been no opportunity left for anyone to say ‘I didn’t know’ or any excuse for immoral conduct.

Jesus is coming now and He is calling all to return to the scriptures and really study out these laws and regulations. We must return to a God of love. Repent and ask forgiveness for our sins, unite, stand strong and prepare the way for Jesus’ speedy return.

Where are you at my friend? Are you sitting on the fence, undecided in your decision. Time is fast running out. The decision for Jesus must be made now. Time is fast running out, Jesus has His arms open wide, pleading for all to enter the fold. Now is the time for action, to cast aside our doubts, to reject any worldly temptation and accept Jesus. Jesus is standing ready to take us home. Let’s return to the Law of Moses as given by God.

Where do you stand my friend? Is there something holding you back? Take it to Jesus, leave your troubles, burdens, perplexities at the feet of Jesus and enter the fold. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins, by His blood we are saved. Eternal life is a given. Cast your cares upon Jesus friend, and hop on the train, it’s fast tracked for heaven.