The Loud Cry

Prophecy dictates that just prior to the time of the end a ‘Loud Cry’ will be heralded. A call for all of God’s saints, unite, stand together and declare, “prepare, prepare”.

Jesus is coming. Unite christians, our world is in chaos, disaster and tribulation abound. The punishments dictated in prophecy have already begun and as a rolling stone gathers no moss, so it will be for the running of the time of trouble. Heaven my friends is within sight, soon very soon we will reclaim our inheritance. Jesus is waiting with arms opened wide to welcome us home.  But first we fight.

The punishments prophesied in the Bible have already begun, it’s time now to stand and proclaim our belief.

I stand before you today to herald the message “Christians unite, come back dear friends to the God of our fathers, come out of her ye children of Babylon, put on the whole armour of God and stand ready for the great day of His salvation has come”.

Church leaders encourage your flock. It’s time to stand up and declare the Glory of God!

Please friends, draw on your courage and join me as we herald the Loud Cry.

Time is up, Jesus is coming. Awake, christians, Awake.