Time Is Up (2)

All Bible students know, it is written in black and white throughout the Gospels where Jesus promised His disciples He would return. The promise is repeated throughout the Bible.

Throughout history this promise has been repeated, preached and taught. But a time comes when this promise isn’t a ‘item of discussion’ any more, it is a reality. That time is now. Jesus has made His move. The censer has been cast, the decision made, it is irrevocable. The four angels holding the winds have let go (Revelation 7:1). It is irreversible from here.

We are on the fast train to heaven, but first there is the matter of the time of trouble. Prophecy has depicted this process in detail. But let’s take a closer look as this is now right in front of us.

Are you ready to stand? Are you ready to cast aside all earthly comforts, to meet criticism and chastisement, some may possibly come from family?

Christians, we need to unite and I stand before you now calling for all christians to come together and stand against the papacy. The deadly wound is healed, the beast stands, he stands against Christ. He stands opposed to everything heaven, God and justice stands for.

Brethren we will not be in this fight alone. Angels that excel in strength have been commissioned to fight for us, to stand by our side, strengthening, protecting. But we must stand strong. We cannot turn back, the dye is cast, the path opened. We must fight for Christ.

We are standing here today to repeat the cry (Revelation 18:4) “Come out of her My people”. Come back to Christ, stand prepared to go in any direction God indicates, prepared to stand against the wiles of Satan. Prepared to hold fast against anything devil possessed people can throw our way.

Jesus is leading the charge. He needs human agents to complete the course. Now is the time for action, now is the time to prepare the way. Awake christians awake. Jesus is on His way. Arouse from your slumber, light your lamps and stand ready.

The fires of persecution are now being rekindled. The Loud Cry is being given. The revival has started.

Christians, I implore you to stand ready. Whether it is for you to flee to mountains, caves or to witness for your faith and land in gaol or to quietly pass the time resting in Jesus. Christian, whatever your lot don’t be one of the five foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13).

Please, gird yourself with the whole armour of God. It is time to fight.